Rotary evaporators, RC 900 and RC 600

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Rotary evaporators, RC 900 and RC 600
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These two evaporators were designed to provide reliable daily performance in different laboratory environments.

  • Uncomplicated and fast flask exchange can be done with one hand
  • Automatic lift up of the flask in case of power outage
  • Memory function – simply press the memory button to save the flask’s current immersion depth and rotation speed for easy and reliable process repeatability
  • Cooling condenser is straightforward to detach by turning the clamping nut; condenser is extremely easy to clean
  • Cordless heating bath with diode to indicate heat level and a pour spout for safe, spill-free emptying

The robust and easy to use RC 600 has been specifically developed to meet the needs and demands of university and education facilities. The RC 900 is a high-performance system that provides outstanding support for everyday lab work. It is especially suitable for precise distillation.

Additional features of the RC 900:
- All functions operated via central remote control with touchscreen and control knob
- Wireless remote control allows the RC 900 to be operated safely even from outside closed fume hoods
- Convenient, fully adjustable flask angle set via a control knob
- Tube guide inside the tower – tidy and safe, with tubes no longer an obstruction
- Very quiet operation for a pleasant working environment, the lift and rotation of the RC 900 are virtually silent
- Sleek design, minimum footprint
- Takes up very little space and offers maximum ease of use

Additional features of the RC 600:
- All functions operated centrally via membrane keypad and control knob providing exceptional ease of use
- Comprehensively robust
Device design and details were especially developed for intensive use
- Safe and compact
- Cordless heating bath with pour spout, fixed tube guide, easy flask exchange - typical hazards eliminated thanks to well thought out safety features

Delivery state:
1000 ml Receiving flask (coated)
1000 ml Evaporation flask NS 29/32
Cooling condenser (coated)

Coolant supply parameters (condenser):
- Permissible pressure (bar): 3
- Permissible temperature (°C): −15 to +20
- Coolant-coated surface (cm²): 1230
Parameters of the evaporation flask:
- Size of evaporation flask (ml): 50 to 3000
- Rotational speed of evaporation flask (1/min): 25 to 250
- Length of stroke (mm): 150
- Lifting speed (mm/s): 38

Toimitustiedot: Both models are supplied with glass set (Vapour tube, chilled condenser, collection flask (500 ml), bracket for collection flask, evaporation flask (1000 ml)), heating bath, set of hose fittings (1× Hose fitting ID10 (vacuum), 2× Hose fittings ID8 (coolant), 2× Hose clamps ID8), power cable, operating instructions, table of solvents and CD with digital operating instructions.
The RC 900 additionally includes the remote control (batteries and power supply included).
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