Membrane potential assay kit, FLIPR®

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Membrane potential assay kit, FLIPR®
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The FLIPR® Membrane Potential Assay Kit provide a fast, simple and reliable, fluorescence-based assay for detecting changes in voltage across the cell membrane and its homogenous fluorescence-based formulations for observation of real-time membrane potential changes associated with ion channel activation and ion transporter proteins.

  • More reproducible data with faster response time
  • No cumbersome pre-assay preparation
  • Ease of use at room to physiological temperatures
  • Fewer steps in the assay resulting in higher sample throughput

Each homogeneous assay kit utilises a proprietary indicator dye and quencher combination to maximise cell line/channel/compound applicability, while eliminating causes of data variability. This unique formula responds 10 times faster and has greater temperature stability than traditional dyes, providing high quality screening data that shows good correlation with manual patch clamp assays.

Ion channel activity is highly sensitive and potentially impacted by subtle chemical changes, two FLIPR® Membrane Potential Assay Kits (Red and Blue) are available to select the optimal conditions for your delicate ion channel targets. Both formulations utilise Molecular Devices proprietary quench technology to enhance signal windows and yield acceptable Z-scores to screen a variety of targets, including TRP, ligand-, cyclic nucleotide- and voltage-gated channels.

Toimitustiedot: Explorer kit includes 10 vials of Component A and one bottle of Component B 1X Buffer (1X HBSS + Ca²⁺, Mg²⁺, 20 mM HEPES, pH 7,4). Bulk kit includes 10 vials of Component A and one bottle of Component B 10X Buffer, and Evaluation kit includes 5 vials of Membrane potential assay Blue (Component A), 5 vials of Membrane potential assay Red (Component A) and one bottle of Component B 1X Buffer.
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