Dishes, aluminium, flat bottom, straight wall

Toimittaja: Thermo Fisher Scientific
39073.UDEA 164 EUR
39073.UD 39076.UD 39072.KH 39072.UD
Dishes, aluminium, flat bottom, straight wall
Haihdutusmaljat/Tarjottimet/Altaat Laboratorioalustat/-astiat
Dishes, Aluminium, flat bottom, straight sides.

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent resistance to heat
  • Smooth surfaces for fast, easy cleaning

Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element on the earth and has many desirable physical and chemical properties. A highly impervious oxide film (approximately 5nm-thick) is resistant to corrosion by seawater, and other aqueous and chemical solutions. Additionally, this element offers chemical stability in the presence of most organic compounds. Aluminum's reactivity increases with temperature, therefore, the use of aluminum labware at high temperatures is not recommended.
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