Powered air respirator (PAPR) system, Versaflo™ Turbo TR-600

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Powered air respirator (PAPR) system, Versaflo™ Turbo TR-600
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The Versaflo™ powered air Turbo TR-600 is a belt-mounted air purifying device. When combined with one of the 3M approved helmets, it forms a power-assisted system for respiratory protection against particles, nuisance odours (where applicable) and gases and vapours.

  • Three user-selectable flow rates for improved comfort
  • Controlled airflow delivers steady flow as battery discharges or filter loads with particulates
  • Display shows battery charge status and particulate loading status during use
  • No user-calibration of the turbo is required
  • Electronic audible, visual and vibratory alarm in case of low battery and/or low airflow
  • Simple, intuitive, easy to use two-button operation
  • Lightweight lithium ion battery with LED to indicate charge status
  • Inlet plugs for full submersion and clean-up, meets IP 54 and IP 67 ratings for use in decontamination shower and temporary submersion when used with cleaning and storage plugs

The TR-600 can be used with the following 3M helmets: S-Series, M-Series, HT-622/HT-629/HT-639, HT-707/HT-748/HT-749 and SG9100 Air and SG9100 FX Air.

Sertifikaatit: EN 12941 (Class TH2 or TH3 dependent on helmet)

Tilaustiedot: The TR-602E powered air unit includes an airflow indicator (TR-971) and a spark arrestor (TR-662 x2). It does not include a filter, belt, battery, or charger. These parts need to be ordered separately.
The starter kit TR-619E includes the TR-602E Turbo, A2P filter, filter cover, prefilters (x10), spark arrestor (x2), easy clean belt, high capacity battery, single station battery charger kit, BT-30 length adjusting breathing tube, and airflow indicator.
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