Stiffness tester, Taber®

Toimittaja: Industrial Physics
Stiffness tester, Taber®
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This stiffness tester is used to assess material stiffness and material resiliency for materials such as paper products, cardboard, plastics, textiles, metals, felts, tubing, wire, rubber and other sheet materials can be evaluated.

  • Accurate test measurements for specimens
  • Thickness of 0,10 mm to 5,56 mm with adjustable clamping system
  • Right hand roller with a ratchet stop mechanism
  • No interoperator error caused by over or under tightening
  • Travel on the right hand assembly automatically stops when the roller contacts the specimen

Bidirectional pendulum-type weighing system to evaluate material stiffness, flexural strength, resiliency and elasticity properties.

Force is applied to the lower end of the specimen by a pair of rollers attached to the driving disc.

The resulting torque tilts the pendulum from its vertical position and a Stiffness Unit reading (g/cm) is taken when the pendulum mark aligns with the appropriate driving disc mark (7,5° or 15°).

Predetermined sample length, deflection angle and rate of loading provide accurate and reproducible test results.
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