VWR®, Confocal Dishes for Microscopy

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VWR®, Confocal Dishes for Microscopy
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Confocal dishes are suitable for fluorescent, confocal and phase-contrast microscopy experiments. These dishes combine the convenience of standard 35 mm, PS cell culture dishes with the optical benefits of glass. Dishes are available with either Ø 15 or Ø 20 mm glass centre, with or without a tissue culture-treated surface.

  • Made from homogenous borosilicate glass with low bubble and inclusion content
  • Transparent, medical grade glue, achromatic
  • Dish surface is smooth and free from striations to maximise usable area for growth
  • Rim on upper side of the lid mates with the dish brim for easy and secure stacking
  • Vented lids for effective gas exchange
  • Suitable for all living cell examinations
  • Sterilised by electron beam irradiation and non-pyrogenic

Glass thickness: 0,16 to 0,19 mm

Sertifikaatit: ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.
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