Circulating cooling thermostats with natural refrigerant, Minichiller and Unichillers, with OLÉ controller

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Unichiller Minichiller
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Circulating cooling thermostats with natural refrigerant, Minichiller and Unichillers, with OLÉ controller
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Many applications require a reliable source of cooling. Circulating chillers in the Unichiller® range offer an ideal solution for environmentally friendly and economical cooling in laboratory and industry. There are over 50 air and water cooled models to choose from, with cooling powers from 0,3 to 50 kW. Efficient energy management ensures low operating costs and reduced use of valuable fresh water. These circulating chillers are a resource saving solution which give a quick return on investment.

  • Robust stainless steel construction, ideal for simple applications
  • Large OLED display
  • Simple operations with menu navigation
  • Easy to fill and empty, with filling level indicator
  • USB and RS232 interfaces

A calculation of water and waste water costs shows that a Minichiller can save up to 48000 litres of water in a working week and due to its low purchase price, return on investment is achieved within a very short time. The units have small footprints, only requiring 225×360 mm on the laboratory bench and are therefore suitable for cooling reactor blocks, vacuum pumps, rotary evaporators or heat exchangers. Minichillers allow stable application conditions due to constant values for temperature, pressure and throughflow quantities. They are also perfect for continuous operation at ambient temperatures up to 40 °C. Despite their economical purchase price the coolers are well equipped and have a large temperature indicator, fill level indicator, as well as status LEDs for the pump, cooling and heating. A 1 kW heater is optionally available with which the temperature range can be extended to +100 °C. Minichillers are available as both air and water cooled models and use natural refrigerants.

Unichillers are suitable for the removal of heat from chemical processes, cooling technical plants or as a central cooling water supply for laboratories. All Unichillers are designed for continual operation at ambient temperatures up to +40 °C. Installation in an outside areas is possible with optional weather protection and winter operation packages. Pumps are available with an extended pressure and flow rate for applications with high pressure drops.

The OLÉ controller combines state-of-the-art technology with simple operation. OLÉ models are suitable for routine tasks in research and industry and are practice oriented basic equipment. The optional PT100 sensor connection is available to display (not control) e.g. of the process temperature (only available factory fitted, additional charge).

Suction pump max. : 10,5 L/min; 170 mbar (Minichiller 300 OLÉ, 300w OLÉ, 300-H OLÉ, 300w-H OLÉ and 280 OLÉ) and 18 L/min; 400 mbar (Minichiller 600 OLÉ, 600-H OLÉ, 600w OLÉ and 900w OLÉ).

Tilaustiedot: Accessories included. There are also some optional accessories.

Varoitus: Cooling capacity at +15; 0; −10 and −20 °C
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