Cooling system for Precellys® Evolution, Cryolys® Evolution

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Cooling system for Precellys® Evolution, Cryolys® Evolution
Homogenisaattorit Homogenisaattorit, pöytämalli
Cryolys® Evolution is the ultimate cooling system for homogenising thermo-sensitive molecules with the Precellys® Evolution homogeniser, ensuring controlled and stable cooling before, during and after the homogenisation protocol. The Cryolys® Evolution prevents the increase of temperature during lysing and enhances the efficiency of molecular extraction, resulting in premium quality analysis, maintaining the desired temperature between 0 and 10 °C before and during homogenisation.

  • Very efficient cooling: Target temperature reached in less than 2 minutes
  • Easy to install: No dedicated connection to compressed air or electric network required
  • Accurate: Fully monitored temperature
  • Easy to use: Automatic mode allows complete gestation of the protocol without user intervention

Cryolys® Evolution ensures efficient cooling of the tubes by means of an innovative system using ambient air without generating frost. The Cryolys® Evolution is connected directly to the top of the dedicated Precellys® lid. Ambient air is aspirated from the outside, comes in contact with sublimating dry-ice which cools it. Cold air is then injected into Precellys’ Evolution lid to keep samples at the desired temperature before, during and after homogenisation process. Positioned on the unit's lid, the system is powered and managed directly by the Precellys® Evolution software, ensuring complete control of the temperature during sample grinding. The fully automated mode driven by Precellys® Evolution software allows a complete control of the homogenisation process with high accuracy.

With its unique figure-8 multi-directional motion, Precellys® Evolution provides the same high level of energy and homogenisation efficiency to each tube while the Cryolys® Evolution cooling unit offers the perfect temperature control to protect samples. Both units together allow the homogenisation of any kind of sample, from softer to harder in 5 different sizes of tubes with the suitable workflow (1 to 96 tubes) simultaneously, this takes about 30 seconds. Unit has capacity of 1,5 kg of dry ice, and the dry ice consumption is: 1,5 kg for 30 min run time.

Monitored low temperature ensures integrity for specifically targeted molecules like proteins and RNA, giving downstream applications better efficiency/sensitivity.
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