Syringe filters, ReliaPrep™

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Syringe filters, ReliaPrep™
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These syringe filters are suitable for convenient sample preparation and fluid sterilization. The syringe filters for highly loaded aqueous solutions including a glass fiber prefilter and a cellulose acetate membrane are also available with MBS housing and male Luer lock outlet.

  • Transparent housing for full visual control
  • High quality housing construction and welding to prevent leaking
  • Ideal for samples containing proteins and generally recommended for aqueous solutions filtration
  • Nylon, regenerated Cellulose membrane are recommended for organic solvents filtration

Cellulose acetate: Low protein-binding, well suited for sterile filtration and clarification of aqueous solutions, nutrient media, buffers, and sera. Also compatible with alcohol and oil. These hydrophilic membranes offer high and consistent flow rates. It has MBS (Meta-acrylate-butadiene-styrene polymerisate) housing. The male luer lock or slip outlet is present.

Regenerated cellulose: Hydrophilic and resistant to solvents. Typically used for HPLC sample preparation. It has polypropylene (pp) housing. The male luer slip outlet is present.

Nylon (polyamide): Hydrophilic and widely used in both aqueous and organic solvent filtration applications. Well suited for clarification of buffers and nutrient media with a low level of extractables. It has polypropylene (pp) housing. The male luer lock or slip outlet is present.

Polyether sulphone (PES): Uniform pore structure with high mechanical stability and chemical resistance. Offers excellent flow rate for critical filtration situations where high throughput is required with the lowest protein adsorption. First choice for the filtration of biological and pharmaceutical specimens. It has MBS (Meta-acrylate-butadiene-styrene polymerisate) housing. The male luer lock or slip outlet is present.

PTFE: Permanently hydrophobic filter material, very suitable for air and gas particulate filtration. Extremely resistant to aggressive solvents and acids. Must be pre-wetted with ethanol before the filtration of aqueous media. It has polypropylene (pp) housing. The male luer slip or spike outlet is present.
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