Compact cable safety padlocks

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Compact cable safety padlocks
Featuring an elongated, flexible cable, these padlocks are more versatile than standard safety padlocks, providing a multi-purpose solution. Suitable for energy isolation programs.

  • Traditional shackle is replaced by a 4,74 mm PVC encased steel cable
  • Padlock is non conductive to allow easy and safe usage in an electrical environment
  • Unique cylinder is insulated to protect workers from shocks when key is inserted
  • 5-pin precision-machined for more unique key cuts and better tamper resistance
  • Reserved, paracentric keyway provides optimal security; special design prohibits the key from being released until the padlock shackle is closed
  • Locks are compact and lightweight and resist impact, temperature, chemicals and corrosion
  • Non conductive, non sparking body features a ribbed design for easier gripping and handling

Shackle diameter: 4,7 mm

Shackle width: 26 mm

Shackle height: 106,7 mm (cable length 20 cm) or 203,2 mm (cable length 40 cm)

Padlock W×H: 32×16 mm

Tilaustiedot: Each lock is supplied with one key and padlock labels.
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