HPLC columns for bioapplications, Chromolith® WidePore (WP) 300

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HPLC columns for bioapplications, Chromolith® WidePore (WP) 300
These columns have been designed following the high demand for suitable analytical methods for process monitoring and quality control of wide pore biomolecules. Accurate analysis of proteins, antibodies and large peptides requires columns with good permeability, along with better mass transfer and selectivity. In order for size exclusion not to influence the separation, the pore size should be approximately ten times larger than the molecule being analysed.

  • Completely bioinert column hardware
  • High biorecovery
  • Selectivity for a range of biomolecules
  • Very low column backpressure
  • High resistance to column blockage
  • Cost savings from higher sample throughput and column durability
  • Possibility to use flow gradients

Wide pore (300 Å) monolithic silica columns are made of a single continuous bed rod of high purity porous silica that is then bonded with C18, C8, C4, epoxy and Protein A depending on the use of the column.
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