Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, TSX

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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers, TSX
Pakastimet Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
Thermo Scientific™ TSX series ultra-low high performance freezers are designed with features that support sustainability objectives without compromising performance. The series' V-drive technology is designed to provide temperature uniformity that adapts to the laboratory environment, offering significant energy savings. Now available in four capacities, these −80 °C freezers maximise sample storage capacity and offer substantial energy savings over conventional refrigerant ultra-low freezers.

  • Best peak variation of energy efficient, ultra-low freezers: Less than 5 °C
  • Record temperature and events for the lifetime of the freezer
  • Re-designed, user interface with capacitive touch (even when using latex gloves)
  • Eliminate the need for a separate chart recorder with data logging and temperature mapping features, all exportable via a built-in USB port
  • Advanced security features: Alarm setting, password protected controller, padlock compatible doors and optional access card entry
  • Ergonomic design: Comfortable door handle, eye level touch screen and shelf level placement that does not require floor level loading of racks
  • Easy to use set-up wizard, event log, temperature mapping and data download
  • Fastest door opening recovery on the market: 17 minutes
  • Best overall temperature uniformity: <5,2 °C openings, <4,0 °C with no door openings

Designed to limit environmental impact:
Reduce energy usage up to 70%
Use less than 8 kWh/day, depending on size
Produce less environmental heat emissions and lowers HVAC costs
Natural refrigerants compliant with EU F-Gas regulation: R170 and R290
Environmentally-friendly, water-blown foam insulation
Manufactured in an award winning, zero waste to landfill facility

Four capacities: 400, 500, 600 and 700 2"/5 cm box to accommodate a variery of storage needs and lab footprint specifications.

V-drive technology: While conventional refrigerant, high performance refrigerators and freezers use single-speed compressors that continually cycle on and off, the TSX series V-drive runs at variable speeds to adjust cooling performance to the conditions inside and outside of the refrigerator or freezer. When combined with the automated tuning control, this variable speed drive optimises the compressors running speed to the current conditions. When there are frequent door openings, or samples are added to the refrigerator or freezer, the control system detects the activity and increases the drive speed to bring temperatures back to the set point quickly. This innovative technology is one of the reasons the TSX series delivers outstanding door opening recovery (DOR) speed, and more peace of mind for busy laboratories. When conditions are stable, such as when the unit is running overnight or at the weekends, the drive runs at a low speed, reducing energy consumption while maintaining a stable temperature for the samples.

Temperature: −50 to −86 °C.

Sertifikaatit: CE, ENERGYSTAR.

Lisävarusteiden tiedot: Field installed options and accessories must be installed by a qualified professional.
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