Surgical mask, tie-on, type II, fog-free

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ANSM85005EA 30 EUR
Surgical mask, tie-on, type II, fog-free
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These speciality masks are designed to prevent transmission of disease from a health care worker to a patient. (e.g. spit, mucous).

  • Ideal for combination with glasses and/or goggles due to anti-fog features
  • SOFTSEAL™ : The moulded nose bridge with soft foam nose cushion provides the wearer an easy, comfortable, dependable fit
  • SIDEPROTECT™ for reduced leakage and enhanced filtration capacity
  • EASYBREATH™ reduces contact with mouth and makes breathing easier
  • Shell resists collapsing, even in heat and humidity, so the masks holds its shape longer

Protects healthcare staff and patients from infectious diseases. They may also be used to help reduce the risk of splashes or sprays of blood, body fluids, secretions and excretions from reaching the wearer’s mouth and nose.
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