Avantor® ACE® ChromSword, HPLC/UHPLC Columns, Method Development Kits

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Avantor® ACE® ChromSword, HPLC/UHPLC Columns, Method Development Kits
Solve U/HPLC method development challenges systematically and efficiently using Avantor® ACE® columns and ChromSword 5.1 Lite method development software. The Avantor® ACE® ChromSword Method Development Kit includes six alternative selectivity Avantor® ACE® phases, a copy of ChromSword 5.1 Lite offline with a six month activation licence and a lot of technical information and support.

  • Ideal tool to investigate method development
  • Excellent efficiency, reproducibility and column lifetime
  • Columns with different mechanisms of interaction grouped in a kit to maximise selectivity and improve the likelihood of separating difficult or closely related analytes in mixtures

The ChromSword 5.1 Lite offline software in these method development kits is an introductory version of ChromSword, offering an extremely cost effective opportunity to explore the many benefits of the ChromSword 5.1 Lite software.

ChromSword 5.1 Lite is designed to help you develop and optimise U/HPLC separations more effectively and efficiently. On the basis of only a few experiments you can use the power of ChromSword to simulate numerous possible chromatographic solutions, looking at various columns and method conditions. This data can then be reviewed to identify and then optimise the separation most suitable to your needs. Typical method variables include organic modifier concentration, gradient profile, temperature, pH and much more. This empirical method development approach will provide you with the best possible separation for your analytes.

Furthermore, the six Avantor® ACE® columns in the kit have all been pre-calibrated by ChromSword and the data is stored within the library provided. This, together with data on physical chemistry properties, which is also provided, enables some predictive modelling (using the physical chemical properties of the molecular structures of your analytes) to be carried out. Elucidation of a purely theoretical chromatogram is, therefore, possible with this approach, and although it will be less precise than the 'hands-on', empirical approach, it may provide a quick indication of the direction in which to focus your efforts. However, whatever a theoretical approach may indicate, it is always recommended that various column selectivities are screened. With these kits, you have a choice of up to six different Avantor® ACE® column selectivities to explore.

The ChromSword licence included with the kit will provide you with a full six months of method development investigation time. After this you can choose to extend or upgrade the software licence.

Toimitustiedot: Avantor® ACE® ChromSword Method Development Kits contain Avantor® ACE® C18, Avantor® ACE® C18-AR, Avantor® ACE® C18-PFP, Avantor® ACE® CN-ES, Avantor® ACE® C18-Amide and Avantor® ACE® SuperC18 columns, ChromSword 5.1 Lite Offline version. Kits with various dimensions and particle sizes are available. All columns in the kit are the same dimensions and particle size.
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