High-density shelving system, MetroMax i™ Top-Track™

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MetroMax™ Top-Track™
High-density shelving system, MetroMax i™ Top-Track™
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MetroMax i™ Top-Track™ shelving system maximises the usable storage area in a given space.

  • Maximum load rating for a single unit is 408,2 kg
  • Corrosion proof provides solid shelf option and better chemical resistance
  • All-polymer construction helps for high-moisture applications
  • Chrome-plated units are ideal for dry environments with minimal exposure to corrosives
  • Stainless steel units provide maximum protection in corrosive environments

A movable, open aisle allows full access to each entire shelving unit helps to eliminating hard to reach or dead spaces.The overhead track system guides the mobile units and opens an access aisle between any two units. The track is above the storage units enabling easy access.

Stationary end unit kits include four 2184 mm high posts and the necessary stainless-steel hardware for connecting track sets to two stationary end units. The stationary end unit must contain a minimum of four shelves. The width of the stationary end units should be equal to or greater than the width of the mobile units.

Mobile unit kits include four 1880 mm posts, four chrome or stainless steel casters with bumpers, four caster channels, and four roller assemblies. For the mobile units to function properly, the floor area should be level, smooth, and free from large cracks and raised obstacles.

These shelving units are well suited for continuous use in temperatures from –29 to 52 °C with acceptable intermittent exposure to 93 °C.

Tilaustiedot: MetroMax i™ shelves must be purchased separately. Additional accessories such as shelf dividers, stackable ledges, tray slides and label holders need to be ordered separately.
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