Kupari(II)oksidi, jauhe ACS

Toimittaja: Thermo Scientific

Synonyms: Kuparioksidi

ACRO405860010EA 369 EUR
ACRO405860010 ACRO405860250 ACRO405862500
Kupari(II)oksidi, jauhe ACS
Kaava: CuO
MW: 79,55 g/mol
Kiehumispiste: 2000 °C (1013 hPa)
Sulamispiste: 1326 °C
Storage Temperature: Huoneenlämpö
MDL numero: MFCD00010979
CAS-numero: 1317-38-0
EINECS: 215-269-1
UN: 3077
Merck Index: 13,02674

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Testitulosten erittely

Appearance Black to brown-black Powder
Titration Complexometric ≥99.0 %
Chloride (Cl) ≤50 ppm
Sulfate (SO4) ≤200 ppm
Calcium (Ca) ≤100 ppm
Iron (Fe) ≤500 ppm
Potassium (K) ≤200 ppm
Sodium (Na) ≤500 ppm
Carbon compounds (as C) ≤0.01 %
Insoluble matter ≤0.02 % (in dilute HCl)
Nitrogen compounds (as N) ≤0.002 %

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