Agar, Drosophila

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USBIA0940-1 USBIA0940-500
Agar, Drosophila
Elatusaineet mikrobiologiaan Elatusaineiden lisäaineet, mikrobiologia
Gelidium based Drosophila agar is an inexpensive growth medium especially suited to the growth and nutrient requirements of Drosophila without the expense of bacteriological grades. This is a food grade agar which offers excellent clarity.

  • White to light tan, homogenous, free flowing powder
  • pH (1,5%): 6,0 to 8,0
  • Water: ≤11%
  • Ash: ≤6,5%
  • Gel point and strength (1,5%): 34 to 38 °C and 600 to 1100 g/cm²

Total plate count: ≤500 cfu/g; Coliforms: ≤3 cfu/g; E. coli: 0 cfu/g; Salmonella: 0 cfu/g; Yeast and Mold: ≤200 cfu/g.

Varoitus: This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications.
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