Rescue systems, R550, DBI-SALA Rollgliss®, 3M™

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Rescue systems, R550, DBI-SALA Rollgliss®, 3M™
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Rollgliss™ 550 are effective safety systems for rescue, evacuation, or assisted rescues. These escape devices are vital when it is imperative to get to the ground as quickly as possible.

  • Optional rescue hub allows to perform evacuation along with rescue
  • Bi-directional hub ensures the rope descends from either side which brings one hook up as the other goes down, allowing for immediate use after each descent.
  • Optional bracket allows quick and easy connection to the ladder rung
  • Durable 9,5 mm static kernmantle rope
  • Multiple length options: From 10 to 200 m for 2 persons and from 10 to 500 m for 1 person

The Rollgliss™ 550 rescue systems can be used for an assisted pick-off rescue when a victim is unable to get to safety alone.

Weight capacity: 282 kg
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