Metanoli, LiChrosolv® tested for UHPLC-MS, Supelco®

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Metanoli, LiChrosolv® tested for UHPLC-MS, Supelco®

Highest purity solvents for UHPLC-MS analysis.

  • Suitability tested and specified for UHPLC-MS and UHPLC-UV
  • Specified quality in positive and negative ESI and APCI MS for lowest detection limits and confidence in analyses in all important MS modes - ESI / APCI (+) <2 ppb; ESI / APCI (-) <10 ppb)
  • Lowest impurity profile: For interference-free baselines
  • Lowest levels of trace metal impurities: For minimised metal ion adduct formation (up to <5 ppb)
  • Lowest level of polyethylene glycol (PEG) impurities in our entire UHPLC-MS solvent line up to give you confidence in your results (PEG S/N signal-to-noise ratio <50)

Microfiltration through 0,2 µm filter: Prolonged lifetime of filters and mechanical parts in HPLC systems and reduced risk of column clogging.
Packed in borosilicate glass bottles:Minimises contamination with metal ions.
The borosilicate bottle with GL 45 neck finish can be directly connected to instruments.

Kaava: CH₃OH
MW: 32,04 g/mol
Kiehumispiste: 64,6 °C (1013 hPa)
Sulamispiste: –98 °C
Tiheys: 0,7918 g/cm³ (20 °C)
Leimahduspiste: 9,7 °C
Storage Temperature: Huoneenlämpö
MDL numero: MFCD00004595
CAS-numero: 67-56-1
EINECS: 200-659-6
UN: 1230
ADR: 3 (6.1),II
REACH: 01-2119433307-44

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Testitulosten erittely

Al (Aluminum) ≤ 5 ppb
Ca (Calcium) ≤ 5 ppb
Evaporation residue ≤ 0.7 mg/L
Fe (Iron) ≤ 5 ppb
Fluorescence at 254 nm ≤ 0.5 ppb
Fluorescence at 365 nm ≤ 0.5 ppb
ldentity (IR-spectrum) PASSES
K (Potassium) ≤ 5 ppb
Mg (Magnesium) ≤ 5 ppb
Na (Sodium) ≤ 25 ppb
Polyethyleneglycol (PEG) Signal-te-noise ratio ≤ 50
Purity (GC) ~ 99.9 %
Suitable for LC/MS; lntensity of background mass signals based on reserpine (APCI/ESI negative) ≤ 10 ppb
Suitable for LC/MS; lntensity of background mass signals based on reserpine (APCI/ESI positive) ≤ 2 ppb
Titrable acid ≤ 0.001 meq/g
Titrable base ≤ 0.0002 meq/g
UHPLC gradient (at 210nm) ≤ 2.0 mAU
UHPLC gradient (at 254nm) ≤ 0.5 mAU
Water (H2O) ≤ 0.01 %
Filtered by 0.2um filter

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