Ni-NTA magnetic agarose beads, Pierce™

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Ni-NTA magnetic agarose beads, Pierce™
Helmet ja partikkelit Magnetic Beads
These magnetic agarose beads consist of highly crosslinked agarose beads embedded with magnetite and a covalently attached tetradentate nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) chelator charged with divalent nickel ions. They provide a fast, convenient method for purification of His-tagged recombinant proteins.

  • High capacity: Sufficient for both routine and demanding purification procedures
  • Binds >70 mg of 6xHis-tagged protein per ml of settled resin
  • High-performance and reproducible beads: Non-aggregating, magnetite (Fe3O4), superparamagnetic beads provide exceptional uniformity for both manual and automated HTS purification applications
  • Low non specific binding: Optimised purification protocol results in better tagged-protein purification
  • Versatile: Purify proteins using native or denaturing conditions
  • Compatible: Use with Thermo Scientific Cell Lysis reagents and a variety of buffer additives

The density of the ligand on the magnetic agarose bead results in a binding capacity similar to or better than traditional agarose resins with the added feature of magnetic handling. Magnetic agarose beads are a valuable tool for small-scale (~1 mg) purification of multiple His-tagged proteins and for scouting expression and purification conditions to be used in larger-scale purifications with agarose chromatography supports.

The beads are incubated with cell lysate containing His-tagged protein and then magnetically separated from the supernatant manually or through automation using an instrument such as the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Flex Magnetic Particle Processor. Nonspecifically bound protein can be washed away before dissociating bound His-tagged protein with elution buffer. Automated instruments are especially useful for higher throughput purification and screening of purification conditions.
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