BMS 195614 ≥98%

Toimittaja: Cayman Chemical

Synonyms: BMS 614BMS614BMS-614BMS-195614BMS195614

CAYM16029-5EA 182 EUR
CAYM16029-5 CAYM16029-10 CAYM16029-1 CAYM16029-50
BMS 195614 ≥98%
BMS 195614

BMS 195614 is a neutral retinoic acid receptor (RAR) α-selective antagonist (Ki = 2.5 nM). It antagonizes agonist-induced coactivator recruitment and moderately decreases SMRT binding to RAR but does not significantly affect nuclear receptor corepressor binding.

  • Formulation: A crystalline solid
  • λmax: 211, 236, 282 nm
  • Storage -20°C

Kaava: C₂₉H₂₄N₂O₃
Storage Temperature: Pakastin
MDL numero: MFCD00952209
CAS-numero: 182135-66-6

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