ESD insoles, 9528, uvex tune-up

Toimittaja: Uvex
UVEX9528.3/43EA 21.1 EUR
UVEX9528.3/43 UVEX9528.3/42 UVEX9528.2/52 UVEX9528.2/51 UVEX9528.3/41 UVEX9528.2/50 UVEX9528.3/40 UVEX9528.2/35 UVEX9528.3/47 UVEX9528.3/46 UVEX9528.3/45 UVEX9528.3/44 UVEX9528.2/39 UVEX9528.2/38 UVEX9528.3/49 UVEX9528.2/37 UVEX9528.3/48 UVEX9528.2/36 UVEX9528.2/42 UVEX9528.2/41 UVEX9528.2/40 UVEX9528.3/52 UVEX9528.3/51 UVEX9528.3/36 UVEX9528.2/46 UVEX9528.3/35 UVEX9528.2/45 UVEX9528.2/44 UVEX9528.2/43 UVEX9528.2/49 UVEX9528.3/39 UVEX9528.3/38 UVEX9528.2/48 UVEX9528.3/37 UVEX9528.2/47 UVEX9528.3/50
ESD insoles, 9528, uvex tune-up
Kenkien pohjalliset
Anti-static insole concept for use in safety footwear. Designed to increase wearer comfort and enhance ergonomics by providing optimum support for the arches of the feet, helping to reduce foot fatigue. The tune up footbed is very good cushioning for pleasant walking comfort.

  • Different arch support versions - High, medium, low
  • Avoids pressure points
  • Skin-friendly, pleasant surface texture
  • Breathable and moisture absorbent
  • Antibacterial and antistatic
  • Compatible with uvex 1, uvex 1 duo, uvex 2, uvex 2 VIBRAM®

Width: 11

Sertifikaatit: EN ISO 20345: 2011
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