Glass microfibre filters for air particle monitoring, grade MGR and MG 10

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Glass microfibre filters for air particle monitoring, grade MGR and MG 10
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These Grade MGR and MG 10 grade filters are hydrophobic micro-glass fibre filters with binder suitable for use when low affinity with water and moisture are required. These high-quality materials are designed for the specific needs of air monitoring analyses.

  • Air sampling for the collection of atmospheric particulates and aerosols
  • Particle filtration of gasses
  • Air filter media
  • Very high-water repellency and strong resistance to tearing and breaking, while maintaining a low thickness

MGR is a very thin micro-glass hydrophobic material designed specifically to maximise length in a given outer diameter in reel-to-reel air monitoring applications, including PM10 sampling.

MG 10 is a designed for reel-to-reel applications where the highest tensile properties are needed from a hydrophobic micro-glass material, such as smoke spot number counting, in addition to being suitable for PM10 monitoring. Its higher basis weight and thickness significantly contributes to its increased resistance.

They are made of premium raw materials and their production is carefully monitored to allow for a high lot-to-lot consistency, thus permitting very reliable measurements.

Sertifikaatit: ISO 18385:2016.

Tilaustiedot: MGR and MG 10 can be supplied as filter tape in different sizes, discs in varied diameters, sheets or other shapes based on the requirements of our customers. Recommended elution procedure on request.
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