Columns, HiTrap™ Capto PlasmidSelect

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Columns, HiTrap™ Capto PlasmidSelect
Columns packed with Capto PlasmidSelect are suitable for purification of supercoiled DNA to high quality for gene therapy and DNA vaccine applications. Capto PlasmidSelect is a chromatography resin that allows supercoiled covalently closed circular forms of plasmid DNA to be separated from open circular forms.

  • High-flow purification of supercoiled DNA from research scale to cGMP production
  • Flexible process design due to a large operational window of flow velocities and bed heights
  • Higher throughput for improved productivity and process economy
  • Hydrophilic properties of base matrix prevent non-specific binding
  • Bioprocess resin supported for industrial applications
  • Convenient small-scale purification, process development, and scale-up using prepacked HiTrap columns

Capto PlasmidSelect is based on a rigid base matrix, delivering excellent pressure-flow properties to plasmid production.
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