Rotary evaporators, RV 3 V

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Rotary evaporators, RV 3 V
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The RV 3 rotary evaporator is the ideal entry-level model from the IKA rotary evaporator portfolio. It is suitable for a multitude of uses in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, in research and development, in manufacturing or quality assurance, in laboratories, and in plant construction. Thanks to specially designed glass guides, the condenser makes extremely efficient use of the 1500 cm² cooling surface and is space saving.

  • Water heating bath has digital temperature display and carrying handles
  • Mechanical lift end-point safety stop
  • Locking mechanism: Red indicator shows the vapour tube is unlocked
  • Adjustable immersion angle
  • Single-handed manual lift handling, suitable for left and right-handed operators
  • Stepless speed setting with dial control and speed display
  • Flask clamping mechanism with integrated push-off function for easy exchange of evaporation flasks

The RV 3 V is compatible with the entire range of IKA RV 10 glassware. The manual lift gives precise positioning of the glassware and the unit’s low voltage (24 V) ensures user safety.

Toimitustiedot: Units are supplied with 4 litre heating bath either with or without glassware.
Please note: A vacuum source, vacuum check valve and cooling system are required but not supplied. Please contact your local Avantor sales office for advice and details.

Varoitus: * With transparent plastic coating
** Delivered only with bath, vapour tube, clamps for glassware and Woulf bottle. This package enables the customer to select the glassware set-up for their specific application.
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