Sterile sleeve/glove system, BioClean™

Toimittaja: Ansell-Nitritex
112-6122EA 6880 EUR
112-6122 112-6123 NITRGSG10NIT80_U
Sterile sleeve/glove system, BioClean™
Clean and sterile sleeve/glove system, nitrile sleeve attached to a hand specific polychloroprene (BioClean BPZS) glove by a channel ring and O-ring.

  • Sleeve and glove tested against ASTM D6978-05 for handling chemo drugs
  • Ultra-clean surface ensures product protection
  • Sleeve 100% inspection and air leak tested (prior to being guillotined)
  • Sleeve suitable for autoclaving
  • Gamma irradiated (Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10⁻⁶)
  • Sleeve can be sanitised by VHP or IPA

Compatible with ISO Class 4 & EU GMP Grade A cleanrooms.

* Length of the complete system (glove + sleeve)

Sertifikaatit: EN ISO 374-1 Type B (KOT), EN ISO 374-5 VIRUS, EN 421; Cat. III; AQL 0,65
Food contact approved
Tested against permeation standard ASTM D6978-05 for cytotoxic drugs.

Pakkaus: One system - consisting of sleeve, glove, and channel ring/O-ring assembly packed in inner PE bag; two inner bags (two systems – one L and one R) packed per outer PE bag; 10 outer bags (20 systems) per lined white Correx box. Sold by the pair, individually packaged.
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