Stretchable silicone lids for laboratory vessels, DURAN®

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Stretchable silicone lids for laboratory vessels, DURAN®
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These stretchable silicone lids are used to close round and square vessels and are available in three sizes and colours, as well as a set of three.

  • For covering and sealing laboratory vessels
  • Lids are made of stretchable, chemical and heat resistant silicone
  • Recommended usable temperature range is –40 to +180 °C
  • Due to excellent stretchability, DURAN® silicone lids can be used for a wide variety of containers of different diameters and shapes
  • Lids may be sterilised (steam/autoclave), and are lab washer compatible
  • Each lid features a marking area
  • Reusable and easy to clean

The closure or covering of vessels is an everyday topic in the laboratory. Often glass plates or aluminium foil are used. From the point of view of environmental friendliness and durability, both variants may be classified as disadvantageous. The newly developed silicone cover is a good alternative to conventional cover variants and is available individually in three sizes or as a set. Due to its elasticity, the lid can be used for a variety of vessel openings, square or round. The silicone lid has a slightly larger tab that can be used as a writing field. The three colours offered are cyan, pink and green, and allow for convenient colour identification.

Max. operating temperature: 140 °C

Pakkaus: Individual lids are supplied one piece supplied per pack. Lid sets are supplied one piece of each size (S, M, L) per pack.
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