Aqua textile drop down mats 85, Nomad™

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Aqua textile drop down mats 85, Nomad™
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3M™ Nomad™ aqua textile drop down matting series 85 has advanced water removal and retention properties, keeping your floors cleaner and safer, for longer.

  • High performing textile entrance mat, stops 80% of dirt and moisture at the door
  • Entrance mat for high traffic applications (1500 to 5000 crossings per day)
  • Phthalate-free, slip-resistant (DIN 51130: R12) PVC backing
  • Excellent appearance retention and EN 13501-1: Cfl-s1 fire resistance
  • Long lasting and easy to clean
  • Number of loops 115920/m²
  • Edge sealing 25 mm

Traditional deep cut pile and coir matting allows dirt and moisture to sit on the surface and be tracked into the building. The fibre loop system simultaneously scrapes off soil and absorbs water from the shoes, trapping and concealing it within the mats' open structure. The loops are arranged in random patterns to hide more soil. Excellent durability and appearance retention. The true cost of entrance matting is not what you pay for the product but what it can save you in annual cleaning and maintenance costs over its lifetime.

Tilaustiedot: Available as drop down mats or in rolls.
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