Ready to use microbiology culture media, ONETEST®

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Ready to use microbiology culture media, ONETEST®
Elatusaineet mikrobiologiaan Valmisteltu viljelyaine Prepared Media in Bottles
Buffered peptone water in a safe and light plastic bottle; just shake and add your sample.

  • Long shelf life: 24 months at room temperature
  • Plastic bottles instead of glass: Lower weight for transportation and no risk of cutting injury
  • Bottle, water and culture medium sterilised by gamma irradiation (no over-heating; better performance of the medium)

Gamma irradiated plastic bottle with the dehydrated culture media in the cap and the water in the bottle. It is enough to shake the bottle before the use to make up ready to use media.

Sertifikaatit: Certificate of Analysis in compliance with ISO 11133 and ISO 7218.
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