ASPEC® 241 system

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ASPEC® 241 system
Uuttolaitteet ja uutoshylsyt Automaattiset uutinjärjestelmät
This compact ASPEC® system combines positive pressure solid phase extraction (SPE) with small footprint and precise liquid handling for reliable automated SPE applications.

  • Positive pressure for reproducible extractions
  • Small footprint for minimised performance
  • Intuitive error handling for trusted results
  • Powerful software control for optimised productivity
  • Versatile set-up for trace analysis

With its minimised footprint, it is the ideal choice for basic SPE automation on 1, 3 or 6 ml cartridges for labs where bench space or throughput is limited. The syringe pump controls the accuracy of sample and solvent volumes. Combined with ASPEC SPE cartridges, the system generates reproducible sample clean-up for clinical, forensic, doping, food and environmental research labs.

Positive pressure for reproducible extractions:
Positive pressure extraction with unique sealing cap design increases reproducibility from sample to sample. The syringe pump delivers accurate volume dispensing and full control of sorbent drying.

Smart design for maximised performance:
The mobile racks accommodate 1, 3, and 6 ml SPE polypropylene and glass cartridges and enable multiple fraction elutions per sample. The syringe pump manages volumes from 1 to 10 ml with high accuracy and precision.

Intuitive error handling for trusted results:
The syringe pump's pressure-sensing module provides error handling for high cartridge pressure or clogged liquid lines, and monitors pressure on each fluid path individually. Optional jet wash rinse stations minimise carry-over and cross contamination.

Versatile software control for optimised productivity:
TRILUTION® Software enables liquid handling and SPE applications on the same ASPEC system. Optimise throughput and efficiency by processing samples in either batch or sequential mode. Multiple fraction elution allows you to automate and optimise method development.
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