Safety funnels with lid, 'MARCO' V2.0

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Safety funnels with lid, 'MARCO' V2.0
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S.C.A.T. 'MARCO' V2.0 safety funnels can be closed safely and prevent danger of ignition.

  • 'MARCO' V2.0 safety lid funnel is a modern lid funnel made of high-quality HDPE with extremely high resistance to acids, alkalis and many chemicals
  • Integrated gripping edge on the funnel lid increases the grip without having to touch the possibly contoured lid
  • Innovative funnel lid with integrated sealing ring closes the funnel edge and prevents explosive or health-endangering gases escaping
  • Sturdy hinge guarantees the closing mechanism has a long service life
  • Rotating screw cap makes it easier to screw the lid funnel on and off the canister
  • With removable sieve for easy cleaning
  • The non-conductive version of the 'MARCO' V2.0 safety lid funnel is in line with the SCAT colour scheme with its blue and white colouring, the conductive version is black, this difference in colour helps differentiate the conductive from the non-conductive version

The innovative 'MARCO' V2.0 safety funnel is a high-quality lid funnel for the disposal of liquid waste. The lid, with integrated rubber lip, seals the funnel and prevents the escape of toxic or explosive vapors. Numerous features guarantee a safe handling. Available in different thread sizes for safe attachment to laboratory bottles, canisters or other containers.

Diameter: 140 mm
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