Cleanroom wipes, Anticon® MicroQuilt

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Cleanroom wipes, Anticon® MicroQuilt
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Anticon® MicroQuilt combines the cleanliness and sorbent capacity of Quiltec® with the microfibre particle pick-up ability of Anticon® Gold Sorb. This hybrid creates the most sorbent, cleanest wipe Contec offers.

  • Hybrid of polyester and microfibre for the most sorbent and clean wipe Contec offers
  • Laminated 2 ply wipe readily releases fluid to a surface
  • Unique microfibre polyester yarn offers high sorptive capacity and fast absorption rate
  • Sealed edges reduce particle and fibre generation

MicroQuilt is laser-cut with heatsealed edges and cleanroom laundered to reduce the number of releasable particles and fibres. The unique microfibre construction provides superior residue and particle removal when used dry or wet. The 2 ply, quilted layers absorb more liquid than other wipes but readily release fluids when applying to surfaces. Composed of microfibre polyester, the wipes are durable and compatible with a wide range of solutions and disinfectants. Anticon® MicroQuilt is ideal for any cleanroom application requiring high sorbent capacity and superior contaminant removal.
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