Safety canisters, electrically conducting

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SCTV108215EA 85.1 EUR
SCTV108215 SCTV108214 SCTV107740 SCTV108421 SCTV108331 SCTV108193 SCTV108192 590-0733 590-0717 590-0639 590-0650 590-0032 SCTV108317 590-0732 SCTV108217 SCTV108216
Safety canisters, electrically conducting
SCAT canisters made of high-quality electrically conductive PE-HD-el material to prevent flying sparks caused by electrical discharge when disposing of flammable or explosive laboratory liquids.

  • Made of the very robust and electronically dissipative HDPE, which is extremely resistant to all solvents commonly used in laboratories
  • Filling quantities from 10 L for the use with HPLC systems up to massive 60 L drums for the collection of large quantities of containers in e.g. professional SymLine disposal systems
  • Thread types S50, S60/61, S70/71 and S90 are commonly used in the laboratory and are all compatible with the SCAT SafetyWasteCaps range for the safe disposal of volatile hazardous substances
  • Special safety features such as integrated visibility strips or floats ensure permanent fill level monitoring
  • Practical designs as space-saving canisters allow safe storage of liquid waste even in small areas or in hazardous goods cabinets

The wide range of electrically conductive canisters includes a variety of designs for individual use in the laboratory for the disposal of solvents. Perfectly suited for combination with the SCAT SafetyWasteCaps or the SymLine disposal systems.

Most SCAT canisters are UN-Y or UN-X approved, which ensures safe storage or safe transport of eluents.
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