Microbial Colony Pickers, QPix® 400 Series

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Microbial Colony Pickers, QPix® 400 Series
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Transform your whole colony picking process by eliminating the risk of double picks or blank wells, reducing manual picking errors and avoiding cross-contamination. With a QPix® system, you can rely on advanced imaging and analysis combined with high precision robotics to pick the right colony every time. Highly robust performance ensures data quality and high viability of picked colonies.

  • Scalable automation to suit your throughput needs
  • Select high quality colonies faster
  • Image analysis software identifies individual colonies in white light. Colonies
  • selected according to user-defined parameters: compactness, axis ratio, size, and proximity
  • Electronic data tracking for well-documented data control
  • Sterile environment with customizable HEPA filtration options

The QPix® 400 Series Microbial Colony Pickers combine intelligent image analysis with precise automation for fast and efficient screening of large libraries. Capable of picking up to 3000 colonies per hour, it will streamline your workflow. In addition to microbial screening, the system automates several sample preparation and plate handling processes such as transfer of bacterial liquid culture and plating on agar. With a variety of data tracking and assay tools, the QPix® Software streamlines the control and management of complex and iterative processes.

Sertifikaatit: CE ISO9001:2008 certified

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