VWR® Mega Star 4.0 / 4.0R, Centrifuges, Bench Top, Ventilated/Refrigerated,

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521-2665EA 13550 EUR
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VWR® Mega Star 4.0 / 4.0R, Centrifuges, Bench Top, Ventilated/Refrigerated,
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These versatile centrifuges are ideal for a range of routine applications in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as for academic research. They offer exceptional capacity and an ergonomic design which facilitates work on a bench top.

  • Auto-Lock® III rotor system: Tool-free rotor exchange system enables quick rotor exchange; with just the push of a button users can quickly change rotors and easily access the rotor chamber for cleaning
  • Aerosol-tight ClickSeal® bucket sealing system: Glove friendly one-handed open/close capability, no need for screw caps and complicated clips
  • SMARTSpin® technology optimises acceleration, braking and residual load imbalance for maximum safety, smooth runs and reproducible separations
  • Time saving pulse function for short runs
  • Intuitive controls and large, bright LCD aids operation and programming

Mega Star centrifuges are available as ventilated or refrigerated versions. The refrigerated version, with pre-cooling function, is suitable for temperature-sensitive sample processing with control between −10 and +40 °C.

TX-1000 swing-out rotor: This high capacity (4×1000 ml) rotor accelerates productivity with up to 196×⁵/₇ ml blood tubes, 40×50 ml conical or 96×15 ml conical tubes in a single run.

Lisävarusteiden tiedot: Centrifuges can be used with all rotors (except H-Flex HS4 swing-out rotor) suitable for Megafuge ST4/ST4R Plus centrifuges.

Tilaustiedot: VWR® Mega Star 4.0/4.0R is available without rotor for free rotor selection or as packages, incl. centrifuge, TX-1000 rotor, set of four buckets, four ClickSeal® lids. All models are supplied with two power cords (EU and UK plug) and USB stick with manuals. Adapters must be ordered separately.

Varoitus: NOTE: The TX-750 swing out rotor (521-1352) has a force of 4500 min⁻¹, 4732 ×g when used with Mega Star 4.0/4.0R centrifuge. Measured 1m in front of the instrument at height of 1,6 m. Measured with Fiberlite F15-8x50cy at 14,500 rpm.
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