Indicator Freeze Watch™

Toimittaja: 3M
Indicator Freeze Watch™
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3M™ Freeze Watch™ Indicator consists of a highly sensitive indicating liquid inside a specially designed ampoule to monitor exposure of temperature sensitive products to freezing temperatures.

  • Inexpensive solution for monitoring product exposure to freezing temperatures
  • Self-adhesive backing sticks securely to most exterior packaging materials
  • Easily-interpreted visual results
  • Activation temperature helps proper shipping of freeze-sensitive items

The ampoule fractures when exposed to specific temperatures irreversibly staining the paper behind to indicate the product has been exposed to unacceptable temperatures. When placed directly on secondary shipper boxes of temperature sensitive products during shipment and storage, the 3M™ Freeze Watch™ Indicator provides a reliable measure of temperature exposure. Pressure sensitive adhesive sticks to almost all clean, dry surfaces for a strong bond that securely holds the indicator in place throughout the shipping process. These indicators are ideal for monitoring products that are susceptible to damage when exposed to freezing temperatures during shipment and storage. When all packaging requirements have been followed and precautions observed, 3M™ Freeze Watch™ Indicators add a critical layer of content security by providing a noticeable indication that the package and contents were exposed to freezing temperatures.
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