VWR® VisiScope® TL534B FL4, Fluorescence Microscopes

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VWR® VisiScope®
630-3270EA 3220 EUR
630-3270 630-3244 630-3243
VWR® VisiScope® TL534B FL4, Fluorescence Microscopes
Advanced routine fluorescence microscope for transmitted brightfield and fluorescence observations with high quality IOS W-Plan or IOS W-Plan F (Semi-Apo) objectives. Suitable for educational and laboratory applications.

  • Die-cast frame with high stability and ergonomics
  • Double-layer rackless mechanical stage with Vernier scale on two axes
  • Anti-fungus treatment for all objectives
  • Infinity-corrected optical system (IOS)
  • Energy saving LED technology with higher light intensity for bright images and improved colour fidelity

The extremely powerful LED fluorescence illuminators are combined with corresponding excitation filter sets for the visualisation of most fluorochromes. LED fluorescence ensures unparalleled convenience eliminating warm-up/cool-down times and all the inconveniences related to lamp replacement and adjustment. Transmitted light through the exclusive X-LED ensures great looking, rich, high quality specimen view.

The LED flourescence attachement is a revolutionary solution. It consists of a 4-position selector for the use of 4 fluorescent illuminators, called LED fluorescence cubes. Each cube is composed of a filter set mounted on a filter block and a high power LED with emission corresponding to the filters installed. For various analysis a selection of 9 LED fluorescence filter cubes are available.

Toimitustiedot: Supplied ready to use with eyepieces, objectives, multi-plug power supply, dust cover and immersion oil (10 ml). Cat. No. 630-3270 also includes two LED fluorescence cubes (blue and green).
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