SafetyCaps, V2.0, GL 45, preparative

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SafetyCaps, V2.0, GL 45, preparative
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Special version of the SafetyCaps V2.0 for use in the preparative HPLC environment with larger tubing connections and air valves with a higher flow rate.

  • Standard with GL 45 thread
  • Higher flow rate of the valve with up to 400 ml/min
  • Larger tubing connections from OD 3,2 mm to 6,35 mm

The SafetyCaps V2.0, preparative are equipped with a red air valve and are specially designed for preparative HPLC operation. They allow flow rates of up to 400 ml per minute without any problems, whereas the standard blue vent valves used are only limited to a flow rate of up to 150 ml per minute.

The connections have a correspondingly larger diameter for the common tubing sizes in the preparative HPLC environment. The offered SafetyCaps V2.0 all have a GL45 thread, which can be connected to the disposal container as desired by means of optional adapters.

The tubing connections have outer diameters of 3,2 mm (¹/₈"); 4,76 mm (³/₁₆"); and 6,35 mm (¹/₄"). The air valves should be replaced every 6 months
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