CO₂ incubators, ICO series

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CO₂ incubators, ICO series
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The ICO series of CO₂ incubators has seamlessly welded, corrosion-resistant stainless steel chambers with rounded edges and no further installations, ensuring easy and thorough cleaning. Models have TwinDISPLAY with a USB port for uploading programs, reading out logs or protecting appliances via the user ID function, and an Ethernet interface as well as a data logger with a 10 year storage capacity. All parameters can be set directly in the ControlCOCKPIT or the AtmoCONTROL software, which uses drag and drop symbols to input values. Battery-buffered ControlCOCKPIT (optional): Operating display, logging and CO₂ control are fully functional even during a power failure.

  • Sterilisation cycle at +180 °C for 60 minutes (without removing sensors)
  • Short recovery times, minimised risk of condensation in the interior and homogenous chamber atmosphere
  • Fail-safe FDA-compliant logging of temperature, CO₂, O₂, humidity and open door time
  • Visual and acoustic alarm, also alarm notification to mobile phones or e-mail address
  • Intuitive, user friendly ControlCOCKPIT with two TFT displays shows all adjustable parameters
  • Heated inner glass door, unit reaches set temperature faster
  • Protocol log, uploading and implementing programs with remote access via Ethernet interface

The software allows online monitoring of up to 32 connected appliances. Complex ramping processes can be programmed quickly and easily. The SetpointWAIT function ensures the process time does not start before the set temperature is reached. In addition, an over-temperature monitor as well as two high grade PT100 platinum temperature sensors ensure mutual monitoring and operation transfer at the same working temperature in case of an error. CO₂ concentration is measured by a dual-beam IR sensor with barometric pressure compensation. Optionally, the ICO features two gas connections with quick release connectors for automatic switch-over of gas cylinders and electronic control for active humidification and dehumidification (40 to 97% RH). Together with the precise control of CO₂ (0 to 20%) and O₂ (1 to 20%) concentration, the ICO series is designed for unrivalled user friendliness and safety at all times.

Tilaustiedot: Supplied with manufacturer’s calibration certificate (data measured at the centre of the chamber at 37 °C and 5% CO₂), but without perforated stainless steel shelves and stainless steel water dish. Please order water dish and the required number of shelves separately. For all chamber volumes >56 litres, a minimum of 2 shelves or grids must be ordered in addition. Range of accessories and factory fitted options such as active humidity control, control of oxygen concentration, electropolished interior and partitioned interior door are available on request. Please contact your local Avantor sales officer for further details prior to ordering as these cannot be retro-fitted.
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