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SCTV307918 SCTV307912 SCTV307916 590-0735 590-0736 590-0659 SCTV308961 590-0657 SCTV308402 590-0618 SCTV308401 SCTV308404 SCTV308921 SCTV308964 SCTV308403 590-0771 590-0774 SCTV307108 SCTV307944 554-1546 SCTV307109 590-0626 SCTV307500 590-0628 590-0660 590-0666 590-0622 SCTV306492 590-0663 590-0620 590-0664 SCTV107246 SCTV107242 SCTV108055 590-0713 590-0636 590-0515 590-0714 590-0634 590-0635 SCTV306489 590-0715 SCTV307931 590-0716 590-0632 590-0630 590-0631 SCTV107257 SCTV107256 SCTV107053 SCTV107051 SCTV107052 SCTV307923 SCTV307925 590-0524 590-0645 590-0766 590-0767 590-0646 SCTV307961 SCTV307964 590-0640 590-0522 590-0765 590-0523 590-0641 590-0520 SCTV107259
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The SCAT SafetyWasteCaps provide maximum safety for your HPLC liquid disposal. Safely dispose of your liquid laboratory waste without contaminating the ambient air by using SafetyWasteCaps with integrated exhaust air filters. These high-performance filters regulate the air pressure balance and prevent the escape of vapors due to the resulting overpressure in the disposal container. The variety of closures, connections and thread sizes allows optimal adaptation to your HPLC situation. Additional versions with grounding connections, level controls or safety funnels or offer every convenience for safe disposal.

  • High quality materials ensure maximum safety for lab and staff
  • Can be individually equipped with level indicators, safety funnels or grounding connections
  • 360° rotatable and up to 200 °C autoclavable screw cap for maximum flexibility
  • Connection port for a SCAT exhaust filter V3.0 on each SafetyWasteCap

SCAT SafetyWasteCaps are available in the following versions:

SafetyWasteCaps, basic: Standard SafetyWasteCap with different connections without additional functions.
SafetyWasteCaps, level control: With additional automatic or mechanical monitoring of the disposal container fill level.
SafetyWasteCaps, grounding connection: With grounding connector to dissipate static charge on the cap to prevent explosion or fire from sparks.
SafetyWasteCaps, safety funnel: Safety funnel for the disposal of viscous liquids or larger quantities.
SafetyWasteCaps, universal: Cap with a full complement of ports in all sizes and matching blanking plugs that can be universally adapted to any HPLC situation.
SafetyWasteCaps, collector: Cap with 7 capillary connections for collecting waste from several HPLC systems in only one disposal container.

Tilaustiedot: Further small parts like adapters, connectors, collectors, fittings or blind plugs can be ordered separately.

Toimitustiedot: All SafetyWasteCaps come standard with a closure for a SCAT exhaust filter, compatible for all three sizes (S/M/L). PFA fittings, PTFE body and PPS screw cap are conforming to the requirements of flammability classification V-0 (UL-94). Blind plugs are provided to close connections which are temporarily inactive or not in use.
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