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SCTV107742EA 155 EUR
SCTV107742 SCTV107511 SCTV307909 554-3494 SCTV307019 SCTV307910 554-4688 SCTV399019 590-0516 SCTV307100 SCTV307101 SCTV307410 SCTV307520 SCTV307006 590-0517 590-0518 SCTV306501 SCTV399909 221-0262 SCTV107637 590-0553 590-0521
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The SCAT SafetyCaps provide maximum safety for your HPLC solvent supply. Extract your solvents safely from bottles and reservoirs without being exposed to hazardous gases and solvent vapours. Complete with integrated air valve for pressure equalisation.

  • High quality materials ensure maximum safety for lab and staff
  • 360° rotatable and up to 200 °C autoclavable screw cap for maximum flexibility
  • Stable construction for highest safety and easy handling
  • Chemically resistant against aggressive organic solvents
  • Attractive design and clear arrangement of the connections
  • Improved design for easy connection of capillaries in various colours
  • Free air vaive with change indicator included with every SafetyCap

SCAT SafetyCaps are available in the following versions:

SafetyCaps, basic: Standard SafetyCap with different connections without additional functions.
SafetyCaps, preparative: For use in the preparative HPLC environment with larger tubing connections and air valves with a higher flow rate.
SafetyCaps, with shut-off: Prevent air pockets in the tube when the supply bottle is being changed and guarantees that the analysis continues without a problem.
SafetyCaps, combined: Provides a stable baseline and reliable reproducibility for RI detection for a fast and simple solvent degassing with helium.
SafetyCaps, angled: With lateral connections for capillary and air valve in case of limited space above the bottle.
SafetyCaps, for Merck® bottles: Connect containers with thread sizes S 40 and GL 40 directly to the HPLC system, without decanting or thread adapters.
SafetyCaps, for NS 29/32 ground neck bottles: The locknut allows the stopper to be easily loosened and removed for bottles with NS 29/32 mm standard ground joints.

Toimitustiedot: All SafetyCaps are delivered with an air valve and corresponding fittings. PFA fittings, PTFE body and PPS screw cap are conforming to the requirements of flammability classification V-0 (UL-94). Blind plugs are provided to tighten connections which are temporarily inactive or not in use.
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