Gamma irradiated cleanroom markers, Sharpie®

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Gamma irradiated cleanroom markers, Sharpie®
Kynät Cleanroom Pens
These pens and markers eliminate the risks associated with surface sanitisation procedures.

  • Lot controlled
  • Ready to use
  • Packed in easy to open Tyvek® peel pouches
  • Minimises contamination risks
  • Simplifies conformance to SOP's
  • Eliminates the need for wiping down contaminated writing instruments

CRP offers gamma irradiated pens and markers for the convenience of pharmaceutical cleanroom operations. These are a 'Ready to Use Option' when sterilisation on-site is not possible; or surface sterilisation is insufficient. The clean Tyvek® peel pouch packaging allows for effective surface decontamination and easy introduction into the cleanroom through the material handling airlock.

Sertifikaatit: Certificates of Irradiation and Conformance with each shipment.
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