Ceramic magnetic hot plate stirrers, AREC series

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Ceramic magnetic hot plate stirrers, AREC series
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AREC series hotplate stirrers are designed to provide safety, reliability and the highest heating and stirring performance. The resistant ceramic square top ensures temperature homogeneity, thermal efficiency and a durable heating performance over time.

  • Temperature setting resolution: 5 °C, except AREC Connect which is 1 °C
  • Four different models are available to adapt to laboratory requirements of accuracy, precision and automation
  • All models have a techno polymer housing
  • Digital models equipped with a bright, easy to read digital display with white LED allowing operators to easily monitor temperature and stirring speed set

AREC Connect – Innovative unit for data-rich laboratory processes: Precise thermoregulation and powerful stirring for microbiological, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic laboratories requiring accuracy and efficiency. Integral timer, programming options and Wi-Fi connectivity (ERMES connection) to monitor and control multiple laboratory reactions through VELP Ermes cloud platform. Connection for PT100, probe included in the package.
• Speed setting resolution: 5 min⁻¹
• Intemitant mode and Autoreverse: (5 s to 99 min 59 s)
• Brushless motor with SpeedServo™ torque compensation
• Thermoregulation accuracy: ±1 °C (PT100)
• Lock function and acoustic warning signal

AREC.X - The optimal solution for accurate thermoregulation: The AREC.X is designed for accurate thermoregulation offering outstanding stirring and heating performance, superior safety features and ease of use. The ideal solution for laboratories requiring precise control of the medium's temperature. Connection for PT100, available with choice of PT100 or VTF thermoregulator packages.
• Monophase PCM motor with electronic regulation torque compensation
• Thermoregulation accuracy: ±1 °C ( with PT100)/±0,5 °C ( with VTF)

AREC - The basic solution for everyday applications: The AREC is the safe and reliable hot plate stirrer with a ceramic top guaranteeing excellent heat transfer and stirring performance for basic laboratory applications.
• Monophase PCM motor with electronic regulation torque compensation

HSC - The entry level model: The HSC is the safe and powerful analogue hot plate stirrer for applications that do not require accurate temperature control of the medium. The ideal solution for general applications in academia.
• Monophase PCM motor

Warranty: 2 years.


Tilaustiedot: Choice of configurations depending on laboratory requirements: Probe, rod, clamp or VTF.

Toimitustiedot: AREC Connect, AREC.X and AREC are supplied with a VELP magnetic stirring bar.
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