AAV helper-free system

Toimittaja: Agilent Technologies
AGLS240074EA 770 EUR
STRA240109 AGLS240074 AGLS240075 AGLS240071 AGLS240109 AGLS240073
AAV helper-free system
Vektorit, plasmidit ja kirjastot
The AAV Helper-Free System eliminates the requirement for wild-type adenovirus co-infection from both AAV vector production and AAV stock titering steps, making this system entirely helper virus-free and safer. This system works with a broad range of hosts and infects both dividing and non-dividing cells.

  • Stable gene expression
  • High titer virus
  • Lower toxicity vs. non-viral methods of gene delivery

Varoitus: For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.
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