Extran®-pesuaineet liotuspesuun, nestemäinen tiiviste (MA), Supelco®

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Extran®-pesuaineet liotuspesuun, nestemäinen tiiviste (MA), Supelco®
Puhdistusaineet Pesuaineet ja pintojen puhdistusaineet
A range of cleansers, for manual cleaning, that have been developed to meet the cleaning requirements for glassware and small equipment in the laboratory.

  • Prevents carry-over of residues to the next analysis
  • Chlorine-free

These manual cleansers are supplied as concentrates and the cleaning solutions are simply made up with tap water. Typically immersion for up to 2 hours is sufficient, but for particularly difficult residues, the time period can be extended. Alternatively, warming the solution or use with an ultrasonic bath can speed up the process. To ensure no residues are left, the user can rinse initially with tap water and finally with distilled or demineralised water.
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