Labeling tapes, floor marking arrows, B-514, ToughStripe™

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Labeling tapes, floor marking arrows, B-514, ToughStripe™
Extremely durable ToughStripe™ die-cut floor marking tapes are made of rugged polyester with an ultra-aggressive adhesive that will hold up against forklift traffic.

  • Brady B-514 is a surface printed polyester with a rigid, clear polyester overlaminate
  • Visible floor-marking improves safety and organization in almost any industrial environment
  • High-gloss surface shines like new paint and withstands heavy traffic without tearing or lifting
  • Ideal for marking aisles, passageways and storage locations and identifying equipment and egress paths
  • Permanent rubber based adhesive
  • Can be easily applied by one person working alone

Brady B-514 is used to mark aisles, passageways, storage locations, point out safety equipment and exits, and enforce protective equipment requirements. Across multiple surfaces, including vinyl, tile, laminate, hardwood and carpet, on average ToughStripe™ offers six times more adhesion than masking tape and is twenty times more durable.
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