Safety Waste Cap "LISA", V3.0

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Safety Waste Cap "LISA", V3.0
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The Safety Waste Caps LISA’s V3.0 high quality innovative docking system of the, is the latest generation of a modern and universally expandable modular system for the safe disposal of liquid HPLC / UHPLC waste. The disposal system offers a high number of individual threads, connections and expansion options.

  • Satellite blind plug - for extending and attaching various components such as a funnel
  • Tube connector - for connecting larger tubes with 5 to 11,5 mm ID
  • Satellite made of PTFE - for optimal chemical resistance
  • 360° freely rotatable screw cap - for easy changing of the container without twisting the tubing
  • Fittings - with improved design for easier connection of capillaries with 1,6, 2,3 or 3,2 mm OD
  • Exhaust filter connection - SCAT exhaust filters block harmful vapours with the help of optimised activated carbon ensuring safe pressure equalisation in the waste containers

The huge scope of delivery of fittings and blind plugs as well as accessories such as exhaust filters and funnels ensures that the docking system is ready for immediate use.

The basic module includes a Safety Waste Cap LISA V3.0 with your selected thread size. Included in the scope of delivery are a further 23 accessories. In addition, a variety of other SCAT accessories such as a funnel or an exhaust air filter can be docked to the Safety Waste Cap LISA V3.0. You will find a selection listed in the ordering table.

Lisävarusteiden tiedot: 4× fittings 1,6 / 2,3 / 3,2 mm OD, 4× PFA blind plug, 3× fittings 5,0 to 11,5 mm ID, 3× PTFE blind plug + blind plug for exhaust filter.
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