CO₂ incubators with hot air sterilisation and humidity regulation, CBF Series

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CO₂ incubators with hot air sterilisation and humidity regulation, CBF Series
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The CBF series CO₂ incubators are the premium series of CO₂ incubators with humidity control. Units are suitable for all sensitive incubation applications and ensure optimal cell growth in GMP environments. A CBF series CO₂ incubator can be used for complex cultivation experiments or individual environments with hypoxic conditions thanks to the comprehensive range of options and accessories. Units ensure consistent results including in cell-based assays with multiwell plates.

  • Contamination-safe humidification system without water pan
  • Tried-and-tested anti-contamination concept with 180 °C hot air sterilisation
  • Hot-air sterilisable CO₂ sensor with single-beam infrared technology
  • Seamless inner chamber made of stainless steel with flanges as shelf support system
  • Fanless interior with Venturi CO₂ gas mixing nozzle
  • Fail-safe CO₂ system for protecting the pH of cell cultures

Cell cultures are kept safe – cultures receive maximum protection against contamination. The incubation process is reliable, maintaining constant conditions for the cells well-being. These CO₂ incubators have smart, simple routine cleaning and convenient operation. Units are economical providing efficient operation without consumables.

Intuitive touchscreen controller. Internal data logger, measured values can be read out in open format via USB. Troubleshooting system with visual and acoustic alarms.

Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, zero-voltage alarm contact

Toimitustiedot: Supplied with 3 stainless steel racks. Numerous options and accessories are available, these must be ordered separately.
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