Qualitative fit testing kit, JSP LTD

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Qualitative fit testing kit, JSP LTD
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Dust and half masks commonly fail to do the job they are intended to do because of poor fitting and care by the user. Qualitative Fit Testing can be used not only as a test method to ensure wearers are properly protected, but also as a very effective way of training them in the correct way of fitting a mask.

  • Cost-effective solution for Respiratory Protective Equipment assessment
  • To be used on what are defined as 'tight fitting respirators'
  • Replacement fit test solution available
  • Polypropylene test hood, polycarbonate nebuliser

Qualitative Fit Testing can be used on what are defined as tight fitting respirators, with the exception of full-face masks. The seal between the face and the edge of the mask is the most common problem area. The test employs a hood to create a small test chamber around the user’s head, and a test solution, which has a bitter taste. As the test uses these two consumable parts and is designed to be carried out by the employer, it is a very cost-effective solution for assessing the ability of the selected Respiratory Protective Equipment and the training given to protect the employee.

Sertifikaatit: Safety standards: INDG 479, ED 6273, ISO 16975-3, UNI 11719.

Toimitustiedot: Kit includes: 1 hood, 1 collar, 2 nebulisers (1 sensitivity, 1 fit test), 2 bottles of solution (1 sensitivity, 1 fit test), 1 instruction manual, and 10 test report forms.
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