Digital anemometer for the calibration of MAS-100 air samplers

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Digital anemometer for the calibration of MAS-100 air samplers
MAS-100 air samplers are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards. Ensuring compliant operation requires regular verification of the air flow of the instruments. This is because the air flow determines the impaction speed of the microbe-carrying particles from the air onto the agar surface and thus significantly influences the collection efficiency of your microbial air sampler. Regular checking of the air flow is therefore indispensable for your measurement reliability. 

  • The MAS-100 Regulus digital anemometer calibrates the following microbial air samplers fully automatically and within the tightest tolerances: MAS-100 NT, MAS-100 NT Ex, MAS-100 VF, MAS-100 Iso NT, MAS-100 Iso MH
  • The digital anemometer will also be compatible with upcoming MAS-100 microbial air samplers
  • Certified in own ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory
  • MAS-100 Eco and the discontinued MAS-100 and MAS-100 Iso CU/AU/VU can be manually adjusted and calibrated
  • Acceleration sensor warns of damage due to hard impacts
  • Self-test function warns of defective ball bearing

With the digital anemometer MAS-100 Regulus, the airflow of most MAS-100 instruments can be verified, calibrated and adjusted fully automatically. Compensated for ambient temperature and pressure, the MAS-100 Regulus provides precise values for air volume flow and air mass flow (standard liters per minute, SLPM). We ourselves use the MAS-100 Regulus in our instrument production for initial calibration and in our service center for routine checks.

Certified service providers and customers who wish to calibrate their MAS-100 air samplers independently have the most important tool at hand with the MAS-100 Regulus to ensure constant measurement reliability.
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